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Top Five Party Games for 3 and 4 Year Olds

So you’ve decided to throw a birthday party for your Little One. You have some entertainment arranged, perhaps some soft play, a bouncy castle, and far too much food! To burn off some of the sugar here are some simple ideas to keep them entertained. At this age Children are just developing skills for playing together, so games need to be simple to explain or easy to pick up through copying. Here are some ideas for keeping the hoards entertained:

1. Pass the Parcel

An oldy but a goody! So once you have all the children sitting in something that resembles a circle (albeit one that’s been sat on) the trickiest part is actually getting them to pass that parcel on so make sure you have a few parents or older siblings on hand to help! You can avoid the pressure of making sure every child has got a chance to unwrap the parcel by having a few spare sweets/treats wrapped in newspaper in a bucket on the side.

2. Grandmothers Footsteps/What’s the Time Mr wolf

Great for theming as Grandmother can be Elsa, Buzz, Mr Wolf, the Queen of Hearts or any other character you can think of. The easiest variation with smaller children is to get them to go back to the beginning if they are seen moving but even that can prove a bit too challenging. It doesn’t matter because as long as they all get chased once they reach Grandmother they will be delighted!

3. Fishing for Treasure

Great for pirate/ mermaid parties but can be themed in other ways. You will need a sand pit tray or paddling pool or wide bucket, a ladle or pasta spoon, some soft play balls or even scrunched up paper balls and some prizes. Let each child have a turn at fishing a prize out of the bucket with the ladle. If you have an outdoor venue or don’t mind the mess you can bury the prizes in sand and let them dig about for them (if the prizes are edible make sure they are wrapped up so they aren’t sandy to eat!!)

4. Blind Mans Pot

A variation of blind man’s buff. Sit the children in a circle. Choose one to sit in the centre and be blind folded. Put a prize under a cooking pot or bowl (not glass). Place the pot near the child once they have been blindfolded and give them a wooden spoon. Get the child to tap the wooden spoon on the floor around them until they tap the pot and the prize. The children watching will find this game hilarious!

5. Musical Statues

Little ones love to boogie so a few games of musical statues always go down a treat. You will find with the little ones they don’t want to stop or leave the dance floor! They love it when the parents dance with them so be prepared to throw some shapes.

Good luck and have fun!

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